Our commitment has always been to bring to you the finest pharmaceutical grade nutritional products from around the world. The nutritional standards adopted by the European community restrict the sale of inferior products. Since we sell to the European Community we have adopted their the U.S. consumer a higher grade of nutritionals than normally found in Health Food stores. The Vitamin/Supplement industry is now moving toward USPXXVIII (United States Pharmacopoeia) grade instead of Food Grade, however our entire line of nutritionals is manufactured using USP standards. We stand firmly behind the principals they have established to assure absolute purity with the belief that only the purest ingredients from only the best sources should be introduced into you or your loved ones. In fact, we do not allow known impurities into our product line, avoiding food grade quality and using only U.S.P.XXVIII (pharmaceutical grade) whenever possible/available, meeting the European standards and the high standards of USA Physicians. This product line is not found in Health Food stores. You can trust the quality of our products.

Please note, the information provided by Nubeau Corporation is not intended to be a treatment protocol for any disease state. Our purpose for providing Health Concern information is to offer choices regarding nutritional support for a variety of conditions as an adjunct to standard Medical protocols. If you suffer from any Medical condition, we advise you to copy the nutritional support information and take it to your Physician for approval. Do not attempt to treat yourself! There are known drug-vitamin, drug-mineral and drug-herb interactions that can cause serious problems. Always consult with your Physician prior to taking any of our products.

All of our systems are USP XXVIII Pharmaceutical grade and are not sold in health food stores.

Ultra Specific Synergistic Formulations
The ultimate in professional formulations for supporting specific health concerns.

Condition Support Formulas
Advanced nutrient combinations to support the most commonly experienced health problems.

Function Support Formulas
Areas of the body that need additional support (eye, skin, intestine, neurologic, immune, cardio, joint, etc.).

Standardized Herbs
Guaranteed potency to meet 1992 European Law yielding a reduction in total herb volume, more stringent quality control and increased absorption.

Wild Crafted Herbs, Non-standardized
Potency varies from plant to plant, region to region, not usually prescribed due to inconsistent dosage.

Herbal Blends
Proprietary mixes for special health needs

Ayurvedic Herbs (Standardized)
Practiced in India for 5000 years it is a system of natural medicine that uses a harmonious approach to the treatment of disease.

Formulated to induce a specific physiologic response.

Phytochemicals reputed to have anti-cancer effects..

Nutrient essentials to support optimum health.

Essential minerals made available in several different states depending upon assimilation/absorption requirements.

Trace Minerals
Blended trace elemental formulas to assure proper nutrient delivery and bioavailability.

Amino Acids
Building blocks that make up proteins. In the body the liver produces 80% of the amino acids needed the other 20% must be obtained from dietary sources. Essential amino acids must be obtained from the diet. Non-essential amino acids are made by the body from the amino acids obtained from the diet. Amino acids must be present to enable vitamins & mineral to perform their tasks properly.

Essential foundation chemicals necessary for proper bodily functions. They are the catalysts/activators of the chemical reactions which are continuously occurring within the body. Vitamins as coenzymes work together with enzymes assuring all processes that occur in the body will be properly carried out as they should be.

Essential Fatty Acids
They are necessary for proper health and cannot be made by the body and must be derived though diet. The two basic groups are Omega-3 & Omega-6 They are essential for rebuilding and producing new cells. In addition, they are also used to produce prostaglandins, hormone like materials that perform like chemical messengers and regulators of bodily processes.

Natural Hormones
Substances that originate in an organ or gland, in whole or part, and is conveyed through the blood to another part of the body, stimulating it by chemical action to increase functional activity or to increase secretion of another hormone. They regulate and maintain the activities of all vital organs and their specific functions.

Glandular Therapy
A pioneer in biochemical research Dr. Royal Lee in 1930 found that the organs were malfunctioning not because of a lack of nutrients but, because the body was attacking its own organs causing chronic health problems. Glandulars neutralize these attacks, helping organs to repair themselves. Today, state of art technology has been able to isolate the specific proteins and peptides as a frozen cell extract.

Pure Nutraceuticals and Phytonutrients
It is your body, and what you put into it should only be the very best nutrients available, period. Most over the counter supplements sold in the U.S. are not allowed to be sold in Europe because of the much stricter standards they have in place. Our facility is inspected by the FDA and proud to be approved as a nutritional supplement manufacturer by the Canadian Health Organization and the Commission of the European Communities. Learn about what makes us different.

Our nutritional products are manufactured using rigorous manufacturing procedures and standards with in-house laboratory testing for consistent quality meeting the highest industry standards.

Our products are manufactured in a new 70,000 square foot facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing instruments, as well as three testing laboratories which implement the most rigorous quality control procedures in the industry.

Stringent testing and sampling of every raw material is conducted before any production cycles begin. Records are kept of each component and the quantity used in every batch of product. Accuracy is an absolute must with strict operating procedures meticulously followed to adhere to strict in-process quality control standards.

Three testing laboratories, supervised by an in-house Ph.D., precisely monitor the products throughout the production cycle. To insure 100% of the label claim our Chemical Analysis Lab carefully checks bio-availability with USP dissolution tests and pH testing and the potency is checked with liquid chromatography or coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. To meet the USP XXVIII (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards the Microbiology Lab conducts microbial testing on all applicable products.

Our products are manufactured with great pride meeting or exceeding USP standards. The manufacturing facility is inspected by the FDA as well as representative companies from Canada and Europe. Our manufacturing facility is proud to be approved as a nutritional supplement manufacturer by the Canadian Health Organization and the Commission of the European Communities. It is Nubeauís commitment that sets the standard in today's vast nutritional supplement market. Although these procedures may take time and are not the cheapest way to manufacture products, we believe that quality control is paramount in the industry and the choice of today's leading health care professionals and health oriented consumers. At Nubeau Corp., great lengths are taken to ensure that every supplement leaving the laboratory is the highest quality available. The quality starts with a team of PhDs that specialize in Pharmaceutics and Nutrition. Rigorous quality control standards have been set and are adhered to throughout every step of the manufacturing process. Our manufacturing and packaging facilities occupy more than 140,000 square feet and three testing laboratories. The facility is regularly inspected by state, FDA and international regulatory agencies. The state of the art equipment and technology yield high volumes of product 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This includes high speed tablet presses that can produce more than 10 million tablets daily, encapsulating machines that output more than 600,000 capsules every hour and complete turnkey packaging that includes bottling with tamper proof induction sealing and daily convenience packs. In house testing laboratories include Microbiology, Physical Properties Testing and Analytical Analysis, including HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), UV/VIS (ultraviolet/visible), spectrophotometry and ICP (inducted coupled plasma testing).

The Raw Materials
The vendors used are the most reputable in the industry. When possible, USP, FCC (Food Chemical Codex), NF (National Formulary) and pharmaceutical grade are used. Once sourced, only the best available materials that are accompanied by certificates of analysis (COA) are received into the facility. The “vendor-supplied COA”, however, does not suffice for passing the material through to formulation and manufacturing. Each and every raw material is quarantined until it passes a battery of tests including in-house microbial testing, which conforms to USP XXVIII specifications. This includes a series of microbial testing procedures which make certain that the material is within USP specifications for yeast, mold, and free of E.coli, salmonella, and other contaminants that may be present in raw materials. It is also important in selected materials to test for heavy metals (such as lead and arsenic) contamination. In addition to these rigorous test conducted on-site, often raw material is sent for independent testing and verification to an outside laboratory.

The Manufacturing Process
We use a cold process manufacturing technique. This method promotes content uniformity and potency within each batch of product. It is the preferred technique of manufacture over wet granulation, which exposes the material to heat and moisture. Cold process assures and protects the physio-chemical integrity of the nutrients. In addition to written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that comply with nGMPs (nutritional Good Manufacturing Practices) in all steps of manufacturing, there is a quality control cross-checking procedure that is implemented throughout the entire process. This way, more than one person checks the accuracy of each phase throughout the course of production. For every product lot number, retained samples are taken from each batch. Frequently the product is tested for active constituents, and analysis is conducted to make sure that it meets label claim throughout the product's shelf life. In-process quality control teams constantly monitor quality and provide on-site training around the clock. Nubeau Nutraceuticalsí products contain no preservatives, corn, wheat, starch, yeast or artificial additives added to the product. Also, tablets are coated without using artificial waxes, colors, or sugar coatings.

In-House Testing Method for Quality Assurance
Our products meet and exceeds USP/NF (United Stated Pharmacopeia/National Formulary) specifications where applicable. The USP XXVIII is recognized as the authority for guidelines of vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceuticals. It outlines the standards of identity, strength, quality, purity, packaging and labeling. HPLC, or High Performance Liquid Chromatography, is a very specific method of analysis that is accepted as one of the best ways to quantitate the amounts of vitamins and other compounds in the product. HPLC may be coupled with UV (ultra violet) testing. UV testing may also be done alone. ICP, or Inducted Coupled Plasma, testing is used to quantify the mineral contents. Highly trained laboratory technicians and quality control experts conduct all of this analysis.

The Finished Product
Once produced, each and every capsule and tablet undergoes a visual inspection process to ensure that they are free from any physical defects. And again, microbial testing is performed on finished product to verify that USP XXVIII microbial limits for nutritional supplements are met. To protect the integrity of the product, unbreakable high density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles are used to guard against light and excessive exposure to heat and moisture. These bottles meet USP XXVIII specifications and are made from a widely and easily recycled material. The HDPE bottles are more environmentally friendly than glass, which requires a large amount of fossil fuels for recycling that contribute to polluting the environment. Tamper proof safety seals are put on each bottle and double-checked before the lid goes on and the product moves to the next phase. The last step of the process is the step that the consumer sees first-the label. Either pressure sensitive or hot glue labels are adhered to the bottles. Our labeled product has the Supplement Facts format and is compliant with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act guidelines for consumer friendly labeling. Stored in tightly controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and light, the nutritional supplements manufactured are not stored for more than 3 months. The entire 140,000 square feet facility is air conditioned and temperature and humidity controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quarterly inventory maintenance is conducted to assure freshness. Most of our time sensitive formulas are only one week old when they are shipped. The longer shelf life products are no more than three months old when shipped. Often after 3 months, excess product may be used for relief donations.